Hi, I'm Max.

I'm a software developer and writer in sunny Madison, Wisconsin. I'm originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I've worked on projects for businesses, non-profits, research labs and online communities, including The Last Outpost and, more recently, Musicnotes.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Web Developer | Musicnotes, Madison, Wisconsin, December 2016 - Present

As part of a web team, developed and maintained a custom ecommerce platform powering millions of legal sheet music downloads per year. Worked with MSSQL communicating to ASP.NET MVC and Web API on the backend, and jQuery/CSS3/TypeScript components on the front. Worked as a member of an agile (Scrum) team, in daily contact with quality assurance, infrastructure, marketing and design professionals. Implemented new functionality while maintaining and improving legacy components. Managed deployments using CruiseControl.NET, Octopus Deploy and other tools.

Software Developer | Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, May 2015 - May 2016
Additional title: Research Assistant, Language & Cognition Laboratory, May 2014 - May 2016

Developed a web-based implementation of the tabletop game Microscope with Laravel 4 on the backend and jQuery on the front. Worked with faculty and graduate students to plan classes utilizing the game. Assisted in the design and administration of human subject experiments in the field of gestures and cognition. Collected and analyzed partipant data. Developed interactive experiments utilizing Amazon Mechanical Turk, running on Psiturk and Red Hat's OpenShift cloud platform.

Technical Director & Co-Founder | The Last Outpost LLC, Cleveland, Ohio, July 2010 - December 2014

Founded and led an online community with more than 800 members. Aided in the development and release of a free-to-play, standalone Star Trek roleplaying game, and secured permission for its distribution from rights holders for the Star Trek franchise. In addition, handled community finances and legal matters. Developed and maintained website and gameservers. Developed standalone game installers and Java desktop applications for configuration of game settings. Oversaw patching and deployment process for game client and servers.

Junior Software Developer | OneCommunity, Cleveland, Ohio, May 2014 - August 2014
Previously Intern, Operations, May 2013 - August 2013

Created a prototype for a customer-facing DNS configuration portal. In three months, designed and developed a working demonstration site using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery) on the front, and Laravel (PHP), BIND, Apache and MySQL on the back. Used Git for version control. Produced design documents, layout mockups, and documentation alongside the project code. Devised plans for converting existing DNS management to system built from this new project.

Skills & Technologies

Day-to-Day Usage

Programming & Markup

C#, JavaScript, HTML/CSS3 (SASS), TypeScript, (T-)SQL

Software, Frameworks & Services

ASP.NET (MVC, Web API, Web Forms, Entity Framework, AutoFac), Visual Studio, New Relic, jQuery, Bootstrap, ReSharper, Git

Servers & Administration

IIS, SQL Server 2014 & 2016, Apache, BIND, Webmin

Operating Systems

Windows (10 and Server 2012), Ubuntu, CentOS

Significant Usage

Programming & Markup

Java, PHP, VB6 (Classic ASP), Scheme

Software, Frameworks & Services

COM, SSMS, Font Awesome, DrRacket, PhpStorm, IntelliJ, Access

Server Administration

SSHD, VSFTPD, Etherpad

Operating Systems

OS X, iOS, Android

Also Exposed To

Programming & Markup

Verilog, Prolog, Python, C, C++, InterSystems Cache

Development Methodologies

Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming


Case Western Reserve University | Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science & Cognitive Science. Graduated May 2016.

Cumulative GPA: 3.527. Honors in Cognitive Science.
Extracurriculars: President, Cognitive Science Student Organization.
Scholarships: President's Scholarship, National Merit Scholar.

Orange High School | Graduated June 2012. Honors diploma.

Short Fiction

I am an author of short stories and occasional longer-form fiction. Below is a list of published works and/or works available through this site.

Song of Ascents - Published in Bards & Sages' Society of Misfit Stories, Volume One. Read it on Amazon.

Science-fiction. A girl from a cloistered offworld community learns that her world isn't the place she thought it was.

Radio Programming

WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University

I co-hosted Max & Teddy in the Morning at Night (Sometimes), a variety talk show about nothing. The show ran for 157 epsiodes, from May of 2013 to May of 2016. Guests included actors (Nick Offerman), bands (Metric, Neon Trees, OK Go), authors (William Deresiewicz, Sylvia Rimm), and my little sister (among others). I was previously the host of Really Epic Music, a classical and orchestral music program.

Radio Fiction, Radio Sidewinder

I wrote, produced, and performed the lead role in radio drama The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite, a fictional talk show set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous and broadcast on Radio Sidewinder.

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  • Phone: (216)-285-0396

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I do not use social media for professional purposes. I do, however, have a professional GitHub. Browse the repo for this site!